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North Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

We place our loved ones in nursing homes under the assumption that the facilities in which they live and interact will be safe and well kept. We also expect that the individuals responsible for protecting our loved ones are committed to ensuring that all residents are properly taken care of. However, not all North Carolina nursing homes are safe, and not all nursing homes provide the type of care that is promised to residents. In all instances of elderly nursing home abuse, it is absolutely essential that the individuals responsible for said abuse are held accountable for their actions, and that victims find at least some retribution for the acts committed against them.

North Carolina nursing home abuse can take on a variety of forms, some of which include:

  • Physical abuse: Possibly the most obvious form of abuse, victims of physical abuse may show a change of behavior characterized by timid submission and/or constant paranoia. Other physical signs of abuse may include bruising or other injuries that do not seem to be either self-inflicted or accidental.
  • Sexual abuse: May be more difficult to recognize, but changes in behavior could certainly indicate that something improper has befallen an elderly resident. Instances of sexual abuse occur without the consent of elderly victims, particularly those victims that have difficulties with mobility or even speech.
  • Emotional abuse: This form of abuse can seriously affect an individual’s well-being, which could ultimately lead to deterioration in health. Examples of emotional abuse include verbal ridicule and other verbal putdowns.
  • Financial abuse: Occurs when an elderly individual’s caretaker, who may or may not have assumed the role of financial advisor, takes advantage of an individual’s finances. This often involves the exploitation of finances for one’s own personal use, and is typically unbeknownst to the elderly individual.
  • Neglect: Elderly individuals are placed in nursing homes because the degree of care is generally too great for family members or close friends to assume themselves. Any sort of deviation away from the level of care promised by a nursing home could be deemed neglect and may seriously impair an elderly individual’s way of life and degree of happiness.

If you believe that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse in North Carolina, please don’t hesitate to contact the North Carolina personal injury attorneys at Broughton Law Our experienced North Carolina nursing home abuse lawyers will conduct an investigation and examine every detail surrounding your loved one’s abuse accusations.

Our skilled North Carolina personal injury attorneys will hold negligent parties accountable for their actions, and will seek compensatory damages on behalf of your loved one. While no amount of money can make up for the abuse sustained at the hands of negligent nursing home employees, the attorneys at Broughton Law will fight to ensure that the rights of the abused are not infringed upon, and that those who have faulted them are punished for their dastardly actions. Call us today at 877-268-0808 for a free consultation of your North Carolina nursing home abuse injury case.